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Integrity Securities Limited is registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and is a Participant of the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearling Limited (SFC CE No. AYM 026) greatly provides the service of trading stocks. In order to give clients the best online trading platform, we also bring in new technologies from time to time. The company offers a one-stop online trading system, so that clients can trade stocks, as well as trading abroad, and even, offering to apply the IPO stocks. To provide the fastest call centre and many high-quality functions, here a one-stop banking service that offers the most complete and the highest quality is granted.




Internet Trade User (Please install)JAVA

INTEGRITY SEC Trading System (Download ver.)

Internet Trade Login

Internet Trade Demonstration


User Manual:

Trading System Download Version

Trading System Internet Version


AAstocks Monthly Service Fee (Internet Trading Platform) :

Realotime Streaming Quotes - QuoteWinner

Internation Package (Professional Edition)

China Discount Program Program (Professional Edition)


Open Account :
1)Come to our offices in person (Unit 3, 18/F, Yue Xiu Building, 160-174 Lockhart Road,   Wanchai,Hong Kong )
2)On-line download Account Opening Form.
3)The account opening forms to be downloaded is in PDF format, you can download the   documents by clicking here if your computer does not have Adobe Reader.
Points to note:
A. After completing the Accout Opening Form, come to our office in person with the   following documents :
1) Completed Account Opening Form
2) Copy of HKID Card / Passport
3) Proof of residential address within the past three months; e.g. Recent utilities bills, bank    
4) A crossed personal cheque of Hk$10,000 drawn on a local bank and made payable to   “INTEGRITY SECURITIES LTD”. Deposit can be use for trading. 
5) Name on the cheque must be the same as that on the ID card/Passport.
6) Letter of consent (such as licensee of your employer)
Overseas Customers can open an account by post. All you need to do is to mail the following documents to "Integrity Securities Limited", Unit 3, 18/F, Yue Xiu Building160-174 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong:
B. Company Account (applicable for company incorporated in Hong Kong only)
  The following corporate documents to be provided herewith:
1)Certificate of Incorporation
2)Memorandum and Article of Association 
3)Business Registration Certificate 
4)Latest Annual Return 
5)ID of Directors and Authorized Signatories 
6)ID of Ultimate Beneficiaries 
7)Board Resolutions
Item 1,2 and 3 documents should be certified true by a practicing solicitor, a practicing accountant, a HK licensed bank manager. Item 4, 5 and 6 need prepare for necessary. Item 7 can be requested from our offices. Alternatively, the same documents could be certified true by the designed staff at our Head Office upon presentation of the originals and copies.




Bought and Sold (Local Stocks)



Negotiate Individually, Minimum $100.00


Brokerage (Internet)

Negotiate Individually, Minimum $100.00


Stamp Duty

$1.00 for every $1,000.00 of Consideration Amount

Charges are Rounded Up to Nearest Dollar

Transaction Levy

0.0027% Consideration Amount

Levied by SFC

Trading Fee

0.005% Consideration Amount

Levied by HKEx

CCASS Handling Fee

0.002% Consideration Amount

Minimum $2.00. Maximum $1,000.00

Transfer Deed

$5.00 Per Transfer Form Used

Levied by Inland Revenue

Margin Account Lending Rate

Lending Amount P + 3%

P=Prime Rate of HSBC Computed on Annual Basis

Margin Account Late Payment Penalty

Margin Call Amount P + 6%

P=Prime Rate of HSBC Computed on Annual Basis

Cash Account Late Payment Penalty

Overdue Amount P + 8%

P=Prime Rate of HSBC Computed on Annual Basis


Settlement / Custody / Deposition / Withdrawal (Local Stocks)


Physical Scrip Deposit for Settlement

Deed Stamp duty $5.00 for each Transfer Deed


Physical Scrip Deposit for Custody

Deed Stamp duty $5.00 for each Transfer Deed


General Custody


Scrip Fee May Incur. Please Consult Settlement Dept.

Physical Scrip Withdrawal

$5.00 Per Board / Odd Lot

Minimum $20.00

Settlement Instruction: IS (Broker)


Negotiable on Case-by-Case Basis

ISI – Investor, Real-time ISI


Bank Charges may Incur for Real-time ISI


Dividend Handling (Local Stocks)


Scrip Fee

$1.50 Per Board Lot / Odd Lot

Based on Stock Quantity on Book-Closing Day

Dividend Collection

0.05% Collection Amount, Min $10.00, Max $10,000.00, + Administrative Charge $20

Min $20 , Scrip Fee may Incur

Bonus Share Issue


Scrip Fee may Incur

Claim for Lost Dividend or Bonus Shares

$500.00 (non-refundable) Per Application + Dividend Collection Fee

Only for Eligible Stock.  Applicable Expenses may Incur


Other Services


Nominees Services

$50.00 Per Subscription + $0.80 Per Board Lot

Include Exercise/Subscription of Warrants/Rights/Shares, Privatization, Cash/Open offer

Corporation Action Fee

Administrative Charge $20.00

Shares Exchange, Split, Consolidation, etc.

IPO, PO, Placement Issue

$20 Per Application

Subscribe under Nominee Name or via CCASS (eIPO). Add Brokerage for Placement Subs.

Bank Charges

Please Consult Settlement Dept.

Limited Services Offered. Charges Depend on Banks Selected.

Issue Company Letter

Please Consult Settlement Dept.

Depend on Content. Minimum $50.00

Reprint Past Statement of Account

Present/Previous Month Free for First Copy, Past 12 Months $20.00, 1 Year & Beyond $50.00

Per Statement Per Month



How can I open a securities trading account?
You can go to Integrity Securities Ltd Head Office for opening of securities trading account.
Account Type:

Integrity Securities Ltd provides three types of trading account services Traditional cash Margin and Internet account.

Cash Account:
For client who trade under cash account should prepare to settle all his/her transaction on or before settlement day (i.e. T+2 day);
Margin Account:
This is a type of loan account. Upon approved by Integrity Securities Limited, you may buy shares within a preset credit limit in your margin account. Loan ratio as provided by Integrity Securities Limited varies on different securities, and Integrity Securities Limited have the sole discretion to change the loan ratio at any time. The securities purchased are Integrity Securities Limited's collateral for the loan to you.
Electronic Trading Account:
You may perform online trading by utilizing our electronic trading platform through internet. Internet account is available to cash client only. This means that you must have sufficient money in your account before you can input order instructions.

Are there any service charges for opening of a securities trading account?
A. Opening of a securities trading account is free of charge. For other information about service charges, please click "Charge” for more information.
Are there specific requirements when trading?
A. Buying: you must have sufficient available cash in your account to cover your buy order(s).
Selling: you must have sufficient available securities in your account to cover you sell order(s).
What kind of securities can I trade through your Electronic Trading System?
A. You can buy and sell all stocks, funds and warrants listed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.
If I have a securities trading account with Integrity Securities already, do I need to open another account for Electronic Trading?
A. For existing clients, only need to sign the relevant account opening forms and furnished us with all the necessary supporting documents.
Can I buy securities on margin with my electronic stock trading system?
A. Depends on different clients.
When will I be able to use my Electronic Trading account?
A. After you have signed the relevant account opening forms and furnished us with all the necessary supporting documents, we will send you the Electronic Trading password through E-mail. Upon receipt of the password, you can start using your account immediately.
What are the differences between Electronic Trading System's online version and download version?
A. The basic function is the same.
On-Line version can login via Integrity Sec Ltd web page. The Main function is complete, features and structure is relatively simple.
Download version need to download the software and finish installation to PC. The features and structure is more comprehensive, and customers can according to their habits or preferences to design of a variety of features and screen.
Why is my account not allowed to trade?
A. Here might be several reasons for this:
1. Although no account opening deposit is required, you should have sufficient money in your account before an order is placed;
2. You have placed an order which exceed your trading limit;
3. There might be some technical error occurred, call Customer Service hotline 2179 1611 for enquiry.
What actions should I take as I lose my password or my password become invalid?
A. You should contact our enquiry hotline at 2179 1611 by phone for assistance immediately. A new password will be issued to you.
How do I change my password?
A. When you access your portfolio for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password immediately. You should change your password periodically and you are allowed to change your password at any time. After you have entered your current password, click on "Change Password" in the Accounts section and follow the instructions on the page.
How do I protect my personal information?
A. You must not disclose your account number and password to anyone else. Avoid using easy-to-guess password such as your date of birth, phone number or personally related numbers. Change your password frequently. If you suspect someone may know your password, change your password immediately. Check your daily and monthly statements as soon as possible. Should you observe any unknown or suspicious transactions, do not hesitate to contact us. When you finished using Electronic Trading Service, please logout before you leave. Avoid using computers shared with others to login. If must, please remember to clear the website address records when you finish Electronic trading service session.
What can I do if my computer suddenly hangs / powers off while I am placing orders through your Electronic Trading System?
A. To avoid duplication of order, you should immediately contact our dealer at 2179 1611 by phone to confirm the updated status of your orders.
Can I place orders 24 hours a day?
A. No. You are only allowed to place orders within the trading hours of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (referred as "HKEx") (8:30 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM). If you place orders beyond trading hours, our system will reject your orders.
Can I change an order?
A. Yes, however you must follow the procedure on how to change an order.
Again, it is important to know that the request cannot be guaranteed. The order may have already been executed or partially filled by the time the request reaches the market. If the order has been partially filled, then what is remaining of the order can be changed. Order information will be updated automatically in order book.
Can I cancel an order?
A. Yes, as long as the order hasn't been executed. When you place a request to cancel an order, it is important to know that the request cannot be guaranteed. The order may have already been executed or partially filled by the time the request reaches the market. If the order has been partially filled, then what is remaining of the order can be cancelled.
Which software are needed to install for online trading service?
A. In order to access our online trading service, the following component will be required for your machine.
Microsoft Window 98 or above
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (or above)
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (Microsoft Java VM)
Why the price quote section and order journal section cannot be displayed?
A. You could possible did not install Java VM or your Java VM version is incorrect, please go to our website to download Java VM.
Why sometimes internet trade client could not receive email for the password?
A. Please ask client to check the junk-mail box. Hotmail has higher chances of not being able to receive the email, please use other email a/c.
Why order journal section cannot be displayed?
A. Try to connect via firewall before login.
What does the order status code mean?
Order Status Code Description
New The order is pending for processing
New(HOLD) The order is kept at system until release condition matches.
WA The order is waiting for approval
PRO The order is processing
Q The order has been queued in market
PEX The order has been partially filled
FEX The order has been filled and completed, check the filled price and quantity of the order
CAN The order has been cancelled
REJ The order has been rejected
Why is order rejected by price warning?
A. The price of the order has exceeded 24 spread from the bid/ ask price.
Why is order rejected by invalid order price?
A. When using Limit Order type to buy, the entered price should not be higher than the ask price.
When using Limit Order type to sell, the entered price should not be lower than the bid price.
When using Enhance Limit Order, if the price has been edited, system will then changed to Limit Order. If the changed price has the problem as mention above. The order is also rejected.
When using Special Limit Order, if there are not enough stock in the market, the remaining will then be rejected.
Order type
L                Limit Order
Order will only be executed at a specified price;
E      Enhanced Limit Order
Enhanced limit order is similar to the limit order except that it will allow matching of up to five price queues at a time. The ask order price of ELO can be inputted at four spreads lower than the current bid or the bid order price can be inputted at 4 spreads higher than current ask price. Any unfilled quantity of ELO after matching will be stored in the System as a normal limit order at the input order price. The number of price queues allowed for matching can be increased in future if necessary.
S         Special Limit Order
A limit price has to be input for SLO but there is no restriction on the limit price with respect to the best price on the other side of the market. SLO will match up to five price queues (i.e. the best price queue and up to the fifth queue at 4 spreads away) as long as the traded price is not worse than the input limit price. Any unfilled quantity of SLO after matching will be cancelled and not stored in the System. The number of price queues allowed for matching can also be increased in future if necessary.
A               At Auction Order
This is a market order which can only be inputted for single price auction during the pre-open session. There is no need to specify the limit price and it will enjoy a higher auction matching priority. Unfilled at-auction orders will be cancelled after auction matching. The order input period for At-Auction orders is 9:00a.m. - 9:20 a.m. Any At-Auction order input during order matching period (9:20a.m. - 9:28a.m.) and blocking period (9:28a.m. - 9:30a.m.) will be subject to rejection. At-Auction orders input out of the pre-opening session will be treated as orders of next pre-open session unless it was cancelled by investor and broker at their own discretion. For further details on placing At-Auction orders, please contact your broker.
What is the pre-opening session?

Order input period

9:00 am to 9:15 am

Only Auction orders(A), Limit orders(L) and Enhanced Limit orders(E) are accepted. Orders will be accumulated and updated in the trading system continuously and may be modified or cancelled.

Pre-order matching period

9:15 am to 9:20 am

Only at-auction orders are accepted and modification or cancellation of orders in the system will not take place

Order matching period

9:20 am to 9:28 am

Orders placed after 9:20 am will be kept in the system.

 Blocking period

9:28 am to 9:30 am

The orders will then send to exchange.

What happens if I place an odd lot order?
A. Yes, as long as the order hasn't been executed. When you place a request to cancel an order, it is important to know that the request cannot be guaranteed. The order may have already been executed or partially filled by the time the request reaches the market. If the order has been partially filled, then what is remaining of the order can be cancelled.
When is my account credited for the sales of shares?
A. Upon completion of your sale order, your credit limit will immediately be updated. You may use the new available cash balance for your transactions.
Is Online security safe?
A. There are a number of ways to encrypt data into a secure format for transmission, such as sending data from your browser to 2cube secure site. Your web browser currently using RSA public key cryptography and the key is randomly generated using either a 40 bit or a 128 bit encryption engine. For better security we encourage you to download and register a strong encrypting browser from browser suppliers, e.g. Microsoft and Netscape. Different sites use a variety of encryption levels to scramble and unscramble information transferred from one site to another. We will accept a browser encryption level of up to 128-bits.
Is there any guarantee on information provided in your web site?
A. We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or competitiveness of information on our web sites. Investor are reminded that there is always a danger of relying on these materials to make investment decisions as it might not be accurate and should not treat as professional investment advice.
What events can cause delays in Internet trading?
A. High volumes of trading can cause delays in execution and execution at prices significantly away from the market price quoted at the time the order was entered. Besides, high Internet traffic, limitations on system capacity can also make it difficult for you to access your account and place electronic orders. In such cases, it is critical that you do not fiddle with buttons on the keyboard or command keys on the screen, as this may cause errors or even more delays in transmitting your message. Moreover, you should not simply place duplicate order, as you may easily end up either buying twice as much stock as you would want, or selling stock that you do not own.
What is the Volatility Control Mechanism (VCM)?

Volatility Control Mechanism(VCM) will start at 22 August 2016.
The Volatility Control Mechanism is designed to prevent extreme price volatility from trading incidents such as a “flash crash” and algorithm errors, and to address systemic risks from the inter-connectedness of securities and derivatives markets.
In the securities market, the VCM will cover Hang Seng Index (HSI) and Hang Seng China Enterprise Index (HSCEI) constituent stocks (as of 31 May 2016 there were 81 such stocks listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong).
VCM is applicable to continuous trading session (CTS), excluding the first 15 minutes of the morning and afternoon trading session and the last 15 minutes of the afternoon trading session.
For more details, please visit HKEx

What is a Closing Auction Session?

Closing Auction Session will start at 25 July 2016.
A closing auction is a commonly used trading mechanism which allows trades to be executed at the closing price. During a closing auction, market participants may input buy and sell orders, with the price that most volume can be traded at forming the closing price. All orders will then be executed at that price.
The CAS will be rolled out in two phases, with the list of securities further expanded in Phase 2. Phase 1 (to launch on 25 July 2016) will include all Hang Seng Composite LargeCap and MidCap index constituent stocks, H shares which have corresponding A shares listed on the exchanges in Mainland China and all ETFs. Subject to a review of Phase 1, Phase 2 will tentatively include all equity securities and funds.
For the securities markets, the market closing time will change from 16:00 to a random closing of anytime between 16:08 and 16:10 for a normal trading day. It will change from 12:00 to a random closing of anytime between 12:08 and 12:10 for a half day trading.
For more details, please visit HKEx

Contact us

Unit 3, 18/F, Yue Xiu Building
160-174 Lockhart Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2179 1611
Fax: (852) 2511 1063



Trading Department 2179-1600 / 2179-1616
Settlement Department 2179-1666
Account Department 2179-1668
Customer Service 2179-1611


Email: : info@integritysec.com.hk

Office Hours:  
Monday to Friday 08:45am - 05:45pm
Saturday , Sunday & public holidays Closed


Recruitment :
1) Reception Clerk
Job duties:
  • Provide clerical support to Human Resources and Administration Department including high-level reception service to clients, visitors and staff;
  • Handle incoming telephone calls and provide satisfactory answers to enquiries;
  • Handle data entry and record updating, maintain time attendance record, follow up company car booking and branch orders delivery;
  • Provide assistance in company events and complete ad hoc tasks assigned from times to times
  • Form 7 or above / Minimum 2 year’s relevant experience in office administration
  • Pleasant personality and good servicing manner
  • Punctual to work, self-motivated, well-organized, detail-oriented and able to work independently
  • Proficiency in PC skills (MS Word, Excel and Chinese word processing)
  • Good command of Cantonese, Putonghua and English / Required to wear uniform
  • Immediate available is preferred


Integrity Securities Limited ("ISL") shall make its best effort in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the information of the website. However, ISL does not guarantee the accuracy or the reliability of such information. ISL shall not be liable (whether in respect of tort, contract or otherwise) to any economic or other loss(es) arising from all or part of the content of the website or arising from the reliance on such information or recommendations.

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Investors should make his own appraisal of the suitability and risks of such an investment and should consult their own legal, financial, tax, accounting and other professional advisors (as appropriate) prior to any investment.

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